Mustard Fitness

For me, health and fitness has always been more than just a hobby, more than just another thing you're supposed to incorporate into your everyday life. Being raised on Van Damme and Jackie Chan movies as a child (sorry, I always thought Chuck Norris was a prune with no six pack), I quickly became heavily involved in keeping fit. I would build home gyms in my garden at the age of six, using rocks and plastic boxes as my weights. I took up Karate and Kickboxing and studied and practiced Personal Training and Nutrition. ​ Then at the tender age of twenty-seven, I decided to take fitness and nutrition to the next level. ​ Mustard Fitness is my way of sharing the knowledge I've acquired with those who want to improve ​their overall health, maintain their health, and excel in the realm of physical fitness. - Stacey Quick Founder of Mustard Fitness