Hayley @ My Bondi Summer

Hayley is a lifestyle blogger from Sydney Australia covering food, entertainment and Australian Travel. As a marketing professional of 12 years, she has a passion for social media marketing, photography, graphic design, copy writing, and just absolutely living life! She has worked with numerous companies in Sydney to create unique and engaging content for social media agencies and businesses. Her latest ebook: 'The Ultimate Aussie-Inspired Cocktail List' is a personal project Hayley has always dreamed of doing. In her early 20's Hayley worked in numerous bars across Sydney and has a passion for cocktail creation and unique flavours. She now shares a unique ebook filled iconic Aussie cocktails people around the globe will love. Perfect for theme parties, Australian Day celebrations or cocktail lovers looking for an interesting new beverage to try. Enjoy this exclusive free ebook from Hayley @ My Bondi Summer.