Annelie Basson Werth

Annelie is an aspiring writer who hasn’t produced any pieces of writing of note due to the fact that she had to start working for minimum wage from a very young age in order to support herself and sometimes her siblings and never had the means or time to kick off her career as a writer but she was the one everyone turned to whenever anything involving any kind of writing, spelling or language (in both English and Afrikaans) needed to be done. Duties that she was most often asked to help with was data capturing, letter writing and translation, three things that she started loving immensely as time went on and she realized that she was exceptionally good at doing them (compared to her peers and colleagues anyway). Being an avid reader since early childhood, she started dreaming of one-day conjuring up the same kinds of imaginings for others as her favorite writers had done for her. Those dreams never faded. Contrary to what usually happens to other people’s dreams, hers have expanded to the point where they were joined by actual pictures that she creates to compliment stories that she reads which was why she, herself created the covers for the books that she wrote, trying to bring the emotion of her creations home to the reader with more than just the written word.