Nakoreya “Nako” Roberson is a native of Atlanta, Georgia studying Mass Communications, Political Science, and Spanish at the illustrious Jackson State University. Upon signing her publishing deal in December 2014, her first book debuted on only one month later and she’s written thirty-three (33) novels to date. She’s become an accomplished and successful author overnight and is planning on additional releases within this year. Her first national release, The Connect’s Wife, ranked within the top one hundred (100) releases and was number one (#1) in the following categories: African American Romance, Urban Fiction, and African American Fiction. At twenty-two, Nako has already made her mark on the literary world. Through the formation of her newly-established publishing company, NakoEXPO, she’s dedicated and determined to assist other talented authors in the literary world to bring their projects to fruition. Her ultimate goal is to assist other authors in realizing their true potential and change the world one novel at a time. CEO of NakoEXPO Publishing ● Successfully published and released seventeen novels ● Eight Best-selling novels ● Sold 50,000 copies of her debut novel, The Connect’s Wife, within the first six months ● Nominated for E-Book of the Year and Reader’s Choice Awards (Other nominees are New York Times Best-sellers and Nako is the youngest nominee in both categories) ● Author of The Connect’s Wife series, The Chanel Cavette Story, If We Ruled the World, and Love in the Ghetto ● Founder of mentorship program entitled, Molding Girls into Jacksonian Women ● Over three hundred (300) girls have been mentored since the organization’s inception in 2014 AREAS OF INTEREST ● Keynote Speaker – Topics range from Publishing, Character Development, and Pursing Your Dreams ● Philanthropist- Bullying, Overcoming Low Self-Esteem, and Navigating through Toxic Relationships ● January 2014, launched The Passport, a personal guide for women striving to find their “stamps” in life. Once a month, Nako releases a “stamp” to her followers geared towards reaching contentment. for BOOKING