Singer/Songwriter Nance Read

I am a Singer/Songwriter/Writer I have been playing guitar since I was 13 years old, self taught in all departments, don't know a note if I fell over it, meaning I dont' read music notes on a sheet, I do read music but I read it in a different way, more in a feeling way. I have been writing since 1990 I haven't counted lately but I think I'm over 250 songs or more now. I really enjoy the process of songwriting and poetry writing. Most of the times a subject will come up and my spouse Jules of 23 yrs, a huge part of my songwriting, will sit and chat with me on a subject that comes up and then lyrics seem to come quickly after getting clear on where it wants to go. Music comes after. I love playing guitar too. I always wanted to play, had a little red broom when I was 5 yrs old, played it on an old wooden trailer out in the back forty, weeds coming up thru the floor boards, I rocked like a star!