Nancy Chandler's Thailand

American artist Nancy Chandler moved to Thailand in 1969 and published the first edition of her detailed map of Bangkok in 1974 as an illustration for the American Women's Club magazine. It proved so popular with not just members but the greater expatriate community as well that Nancy was soon pressured into publishing it independently. Her map of Chiang Mai followed in 1980, when the magazine sent Nancy north to illustrate a story on the city shortly after she had been captivated by it on a holiday with her young children. Her keen sense of adventure and humor eventually resulted in an extensive range of greeting cards and gifts, each of which celebrates and enhances the experience of Thailand and things Thai. Nancy passed away in her home town of Mill Valley, California, in 2015, but her eldest daughter and business partner Nima continued the business, up until 2019 when she began winding down the business (updated PDFs still available to year end). To read more about Nancy and view her collection of unique Thai maps, cards and gifts, please visit