David Ndilei

My family immigrated to the United States in the 1850's from East Prussia. During World War I my grandfather left for Canada, where my father was born. After the war, they returned to the United States where I was born. In the late 1980's and early 1990's I was in Africa. Here, in Africa, I was given the name "Ndilei". It is a name that describes what they thought of me, and I am proud to be known by that name. The "N" is silent, and when pronounced the name sounds like "Delay". The word means "cool heart". Not easily vexed, but cool, meaning, "calm" and "restrained" under evil. I am an Independent Historical Researcher, 74 years of age, non-political, and do not wish to involve myself in the social issues of the day. In view of this, why did I write? Love of truth is what moved me to write. Also, an obligation. People have a right to know the truth. Especially, if the truth can change the prejudices that take root in the mind and heart. To withhold what was discovered, would be a great injustice. The missing 1864 military investigation of Fort Pillow, Tennessee, had been hidden for more than 150 years. Should I participate in the coverup? No! I do not want to be linked with people like that.