Newton King

Ekpe Isaac Newton King is a professional speaker, entrepreneur, author, life coach, success facilitator, and a change initiator. He equips people for greatness with divine principles and formula methods. He has dedicated his life to reaching out; adding value to people’s life all over the world, by helping them discover, develop and harness the creative forces that produce extraordinary results and fulfillment. He has impacted and touched the hearts of many through his outstanding teachings on purpose, achievement, personal development, psychology, creativity, communication, leadership, financial prosperity and peak performance success. His passion is to infuse hope into everyone he meets; his message is to make people understand who they really are, what they have and what they can produce. He is the founding president of Real King’s Empowerment Foundation a.k.a Young Adults Organization, a non-profit organization established to empower, train and develop effective youth and teenagers of integrity and faith to serve and fulfill purpose all over the world. From Warri North, Delta State, Nigeria, Newton King is born into the Family of Mr. and Mrs. Ekpe King. He lives in Ilorin City, Kwara State, Nigeria.