Nira Wales

Dr. Nira Wales, Inspired by the globally growing poverty rate and interest health care, Nirawales books or series of books and eBooks focus on helping every individual maintain a successful lifestyle free from poverty and maintaining a good healthy body for anybody of any age. Nira Wales pens every day and is an advocate for Freedom, a healthy lifestyle and the promotion of social enterprise. In his spare time, he ‘meddles’ with eCommerce with the hope to one day to use eCommerce as a platform for social enterprise and to promote and generate social enterprise globally. Making the less fortunate to live a life with pride and dignity without having to rely on hand-outs. Nira Wales who can be called or referred to as the Organic writer is popularly known for his amazing writing ability which has continually serve as a source of Joy and happiness and valuable information to so many individuals. He has emerged as one of the world's leading writer who is passionate about helping people attain financial freedom in good health. He has dedicated himself to a lifestyle from his very early childhood days. His love for assisting his neighbors began when he was but a very little boy. He provides unique content for people who like to take their life pursuits to the next level. The series of books he has written features high-quality, lavishly packaged, and specially commissioned write-ups that will challenge, Inform, and stimulate you to take actions. His works are as a result of his passion for assisting humanity, so you are intrigued and informed even as you read them. Also, every page in every book allows you to share your incredible creations. You're sure to come away under the influence of his amazing writing, enthused, and longing to start taking actions!