Susan Carey Nurtured Youngins

I began my teaching career as a kindergarten teacher, and later taught first and second grade for many years. My teacher training specialized in Primary (K-3), and special education. Along the way, I developed my skills to become a consultant for the school district, designing curriculum and supporting teachers in their use of teaching strategies. The importance of working with parents was always present in my approach. I was the school district liason with home schooling families to support their teaching programs in the home. And being a mother and grandmother myself, has only increased my understanding of the importance of the child-parent bond in learning and success in life. My personal journey in life has been quite challenging, to say the least. I survived divorce, invasive breast cancer and many rounds of chemotherapy, both hip replacement surgeries from severe arthritis, and currently I provide support for my sister who struggles with schizophrenia. These experiences have served to strengthen me and help me appreciate the importance of fostering high self-esteem, self-love, self-confidence, and a strong faith so important in navigating one's path in life. During periods of being literally "stuck" in the house from health challenges, I started designing these books and digital download materials. It became a creative outlet and fun for me plus gave me some joyful moments and new sense of usefulness. These materials are for parents and children, as well as teachers to use to support success and a love of learning in our children today.