Olivia Helling

Olivia Helling writes the dark fantasy series GODSBANE PRINCE and the historical fantasy romance series DAMON SNOW. Although she grew up an avid book lover, she couldn’t find the LGBTQ fantasy she’d always wanted. So now she writes them herself. With a Religion & Culture degree and a love of history, she crafts wonderfully dark worlds and malicious gods. As if that weren’t trial enough, she burdens her protagonists with her own struggles of vulnerability and self-doubt, love and obsession. But through twists and intrigue that keep readers guessing to the last page, characters and readers alike finally emerge like a light in the darkness. Olivia loves to talk with readers, so come chat at: oliviahelling.com facebook.com/oliviahelling goodreads.com/oliviahelling And get her beautiful and tragic love story, GOD CURSED, for free at: oliviahelling.com/yourfreebook/ Olivia donates 10% of royalties to Rainbow Railroad (http://rainbowrailroad.com/)