Paco Aramburu

Paco is an adopted son of Chicago since 1979 and has been fascinated by this city ever since. He was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina where he wrote, painted and began a career in movie directing. But in the late seventies, he had to escape the military regime that was ruling the country. Writing in English (instead of his native Spanish) has been a long but fruitful process. This may be the reason why some of his characters are outsiders, trying to adjust to society. He enjoys writing about all the possible realities hidden just on the other side of this reality. If you liked The Traveler Within, you may also like his upcoming novel, The Man Who Dreamed A City, an adventure for adults. This book is about two men who have nothing in common, Curtis is a buttoned up engineer and Diego is a deranged, blind man. When Curtis is at a corporate function, the ghost of his grandfather tells him that he's about to die and that he needs to run away. The engineer helps the blind man cross the street and soon they are together surviving in the tunnels under Chicago and embarking in an adventure to the City of Philosophy, or is it a trailer park? The Man Who Dreamed A City is a magical adventure of two men who learn how to care for each other and find the truth about a horrible secret.