Across the pages

Hello readers! I am Laboratory Technologist working regularly in a Research Institution. Travelling is one of my greatest motivation. It keeps me alive being with people. I learned new languages, cultures, behaviors and other related things whenever I go to places. This lead me into writing. During my free times, I just sit around a corner, breathe, and do brainstorming of the unforgettable experiences I learned. Things that we often not learned from the four corners of the school and not even a book can express. I put my thoughts into words. I am a minimalist person. I just live in a very simple way. Live lesser and have more in mind and soul. I like to have fewer things because it makes me move freely and be able to have less stress from my surroundings. Aside from that, I like watching documentaries. Watching stories about the realities of life makes me realize that a lot of people do need help and we need to be more compassionate with one another. These stories enables me to appreciate the things that I have. Beds, table, a chair and light becomes a luxury to me. I don't have the right to complain because those kids from the slums thrive so much just to live.