Margery Harrison

Hi. My name is Margery. My dad called me margery pargery. I have been writing science fiction and fantasy since high school. I studied creative writing at the University of Maine, Harvard Extension, and at Stonecoast Writers' Workshop. My Western short story "Second Chance" has been printed in an actual book--New Hampshire Pulp Fiction Anthology 5: Live Free or Ride. The book should be out in September 2016. "Freightriders" is an episodic story about a family in Space. They're not lost. They like it there. At least, most of them do. "The Stars Seem To Shimmer" is a feature-length screenplay about the dad in "Freightriders", and his family in Yellowknife, Canada. It takes place about twenty years earlier, but that doesn't mean you'd want to read it first. Or at all. Though it is possibly my best work. My Insufficiently Erotic Erotic Parallel Universe story takes place in an Alternate San Francisco, and has no relation to the other works.