Paul Boulton - Targeted EFT Energy Focused Tapping

Paul Boulton : Professional Psychic / Intuitive Therapist / Life & Relationship Coach / Author / Founder of “Targeted EFT Energy Focused Tapping” Paul lives in Montville on the Sunshine Coast, Australia where he has a shop called Opti-Mystic Views. He has been working as a professional Psychic, Intuitive Therapist and Life & Relationship Coach for more than 15 years with clients all around the world. In the past decade he has developed Targeted EFT Therapy, Energy Focused Tapping to better suit the needs of his clientele. In that timeframe, he has conducted over 1200 sessions and gained an enormous amount of experience in helping people reduce the impacts of their personal journey. The process quickly helps reduce the negative, fearful memories stored within their mind and helps them to enjoy new levels of peace, clarity, self love and courage. He is passionate about his work and thrilled to be part of the positive change his clients enjoy. He has recently begun writing about his experiences and presenting them in self-help eBooks. His first book, “Targeted EFT for Money” explains how our own fearful belief systems sabotage our ability to live, love and prosper financially. In his spare time, Paul’s interests include researching and exploring paranormal topics including the Psychic and Spiritual world, UFO’s, Quantum Physics and Space Time. To keep sane he enjoys spending time with his family, kayaking, good food and conversation.