errami rachid

- He was born on the eve of Wednesday, the third of December 1980, at Hassan II Hospital in Agadir, Morocco. 

- Born, raised and raised in iwlit

 - he received his initial education in less than one year and exactly in the summer of the year he attended primary school, beginning with the Ait Dawood Mosque, and then moved to the Sidi Said Ohamad Mosque. 

 - Attended the Elementary School of ikouzza  in the 1986/87 school season, and ranked first in the top three in the four primary years, including the fourth year, where it took first place.   - He moved to Imam Al-Basiri School in the 1991/92 school season.  Where he completed the elementary stage.

- In the 1993/94 academic season, he moved to Ibn Khaldun Preparatory High School in Anza City, then to gulf high school to obtain a baccalaureate certificate from the Modern Arts Division in the summer of 2001 with an acceptable advantage. 

- He moved to the Faculty of Arts of Ibn Zohr University, The Division of Islamic Studies, where he spent 5 years, until the second year of the second term.    

- He became involved in the unemployed, which enabled him to engage in the shadows with scientific research in various types of sciences: