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PeacheyPublications - 7 Apps for Teaching and Learning English

PeacheyPublications Apps

When you become a member of PeacheyPublications you don't just get a great collection of digital lesson plans and resources. Membership also includes all of these apps, which you can download on your computer and mobile phone.

Apps for you

The Teachers’ Classroom App - With hundreds of lesson plans, teacher resource and development books and CPD videos to save you hours of preparation time and to enable you to launch media rich interactive lessons in your online or face-to-face classroom.

The Teachers' Classroom App

Teachers' Classroom App

The Digital Toolbox App - With links to apps, digital resources, recommended reading and a community of teachers to help develop your knowledge and understanding of modern tools and methods.

The Digital Toolbox

The Digital Toolbox

The Infographic for Educators App - An easy-to-access visual resources for exploring new ideas, methodologies and information to enhance your teaching knowledge.

Infographics for Educators

Infographics for Educators

Apps for your students

The Image Scenarios Workbook App - Get your students to install this app on their mobile phones, to enable them to follow the materials and make notes during the lessons.

Image Scenarios Workbook App

10 Image Scenarios

The Conversation & Listening Workbook Apps 1 and 2 - These apps include the lesson tasks, the audio files and additional interactive activities that your students can study before or after the lesson.

Conversation & listening workbook 1 Conversation & listening workbook 3

Conversation and Listening Book 1 Conversation and Listening Book 2

The 30 Role Plays for TEFL Workbook App - This app makes it easy for your students to access the role cords and discussion tasks from these 30 engaging role plays. They can make notes and save them to the app to support their revision and reflection.

30 Role Plays for TEFL

30 Role Play for TEFL

You can make these apps available for free to any number of your students. We can also white label the apps for students so that you can include your own logo on the app along with links to your website and social media presence.

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