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I am the owner of a language school in the North of Argentina. We have been using your materials for months now – we are on school Subscription. For us, the transition to an online environment was a success, we have more students than ever. I am considering not going back to physical classrooms at all and specialize in remote teaching.”

— Marta Pszonicka Owner – Academia Interactiva La Rioja, Argentina

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I would like to say thank you for creating these wonderful materials for us teachers to use in our classrooms. I really enjoyed using the Conversation & Listening 2 Book and after receiving so much amazing feedback from my students I purchased the other materials as well. I really find them very useful for both online and face-to-face teaching and my students are loving it.”

— Aycan Tuncay Education Coordinator – English Mode Language Centre

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I like the fact that everything is handy and easy to find. I not only love the materials, which I have used in my lessons and have been a success, but I also love the videos. There are many of them I didn’t know about, apart from your webinars, which are just great and very suitable.”

— Cristina Valiente - Teacher