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Business Role Plays - Networking


The Island of Dolls - Lesson Plan


Conversation & Listening 1 - 3 Bundle


Remembering Toys


Social Emotional Learning - Module 1 - An Introduction to SEL

AI Tools for the English Language Classroom

Cooperative Learning and the Sustainable Development Goals


The Canoe


AI in Government - Building Dialogue


ChatGPT in the Language Classroom


ChatGPT in the Language Classroom

Developing Understanding through Intentional Listening


Fault Line  - Writings for Turkey and Syria


Stories of Teacher Authenticity


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I would like to let you know how much I enjoy your ELT classroom materials. The topics are very interesting, and they are absolutely visually appealing. Each time I browse the course materials on your website, it is like walking into a favourite clothing store and finding many attractive items. “

— Karmen - Teacher

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I like the fact that everything is handy and easy to find. I not only love the materials, which I have used in my lessons and have been a success, but I also love the videos. There are many of them I didn’t know about, apart from your webinars, which are just great and very suitable.”

— Cristina Valiente - Teacher

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Just to say a very big thank you for your amazing site. I am so impressed with the materials and resources. Money very well spent!”

— Jane Hearne Senior Teacher – Concorde International – Canterbury

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We provide innovative digital materials and resources that are custom-made for the remote and physical English language classroom. Our materials enable teachers to unleash their students' creative potential whilst developing their communicative abilities, soft-skills and digital literacies.

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