Phil Danvers

My pen name is Phil Danvers and I'm an information sharer and personal helper/educator in various non-physical topics which people just start to explore and learn about in our world. I have many years of personal experiences without belief systems and fooling others, I made my own researches and tested them, also I can count in my own life as my private personal development.

What share is all about our multidimensional nature. Astral Travel, Astral Projection, Out-of-Body Experience, Phasing, Lucid Dreaming and dreams, Near Death Experience, Remote Viewing, ESP abilities, non-physical life and entities, reality mechanics and everything which people can't understand or have no clue about. People call everything like nonsense, paranormal, scary but I'm giving the knowledge for a fair share to help people out from not knowing what we already can.

Some say I give hope to them, the courage to walk their path, some say I'm wise, I say I just like to share what I have and see that people find it useful.