Ken Pataky, MS, LPC, CHHC, ND, RYT dba PhoenixWay to Holistic Natural Health

My mission is to bring more light, peace, and joy into the world by inspiring people to enjoy life more freely and to love and care for themselves and others more fully. Through example and gentle but accountable and awareness-based counseling and coaching given when asked for, and through partnerships with other wellness professionals, I help others build community and learn a holistic natural model of health that balances and heals body, mind and spirit, reverses disease, and restores youth, vitality, and happiness with optimal nutrition, exercise/rest, meditation/positive thinking, grateful celebratory spirituality, healthy/supportive relationships, and positive community integration. My practice includes one-on-one and group health coaching and professional counseling in person and via the internet, classes & seminars on various aspects of holistic natural health, partnerships in education and professional exchanges with other holistic health wellness professionals, and authoring books and blogs supporting my practice.