Hello….Welcome to my site! 

The images are structured pretty randomly...
I hope you will take a minute to review them and find something that you like.

Artist Bio…here’s a little background info if you are interested.

I enjoy all things creative and most of all … I really enjoy art.  Visiting our local Art Gallery was a regular adventure for me over the years and during my time there I would study the art for hours and always looked forward to the new exhibits.

My life is varied, and I find uses for many creative outlets.  I have redesigned interiors, renovated older homes, and painted the Baptistry (a special room) of a local landmark “The Basilica,” which is visited by many tourists every year.

I also have a background in Teaching Art, Graphic Design, Portraiture, Fine Art and Painting.  I hope you enjoy my Art and Digital Art...you will find a combination of mediums and subjects... 

Please check back…I will be updating artwork and images regularly!

Thank you.