Priestess Darcie

Darcie is an English Priestess, Spiritual Teacher & Healer.

She is trained & certified as a Priestess of the Goddess, a Priestess of Brigit, a Priestess of the Gnostic Goddess, and a Rose Priestess of the Angels. She is a certified Reiki & Seichim Master & Teacher, a trained Elemental Goddess Healer, and Oracle & Tarot Card Reader.

She has been living & studying spirituality, with a focus on working with the Goddess, for over 8 years, & her work & the wisdom she shares is based on her own personal experiences & journey through life & spirituality, giving them a foundation of lived experience rather than something from a textbook, making every interaction extremely unique.

Her services will help you to connect to your soul & purpose, and she can help you to shine in the full, beautiful, empowered way you are capable of.

Basically, she is offering you total MAGIC!​