Priestley and sons wood craft

I have had a passion for wood craft for many years, particularly wood carvings. My son came to me one day and asked if i could help him make a flower for his teacher's so they would never forget who he was. A few days later my 4 year old son and I went for a walk in the local woods, where my son was collecting sticks and putting them in his backpack. When we got home he said 'daddy i want you to make me that flower for my teacher's'. 'look i have the wood for you to do it', I told him i would think about it and do it later for him. A few minutes later he came to me again and said daddy 'i have put my toys away can we do the flower now'. I said 'come on then lets see what we can do', we sat at my work bench with my carving knife in my hand pondering how to go about this. My son began to tell me how go about making it, as he talked i began to carve and this is what we produced together.