The Canadian Music Industry Primer

Terry McManus was the Music Business Professor in Fanshawe College’s renowned Music Industry Arts Program for over 35 years and, most recently in 2016, he was inducted into the Alumni Hall of Fame. He currently teaches Entertainment Contracts online at Algonuin college. He has a long and distinguished career as a Songwriter, Recording Artist and Artist’s Manager. In the mid 80’s he led a group of songwriters to form the Songwriter’s Association of Canada and his idea for registering a song in Canada is known today as the Song Vault. His students successfully populate the creative, business and technical areas of the music industry. His 1997 Billboard Editorial “The Single Is the Key to The Record Buy Habit” has been called prescient on the downloading issue and The New York Times referenced his words in their own piece on the subject. Currently, McManus acts as the Manager for the Goth/Art Rock Band The Birthday Massacre and Ambient Folk Artist JoJo Worthington.