Couture Tutorials by Prudence

The Couture Tutorials, created by Prudence ( milliner for Vivienne Westwood, Yves Saint Laurent, Gucci, Julien MacDonald ) are designed for those willing to enhance their design skills or are looking for something new and fun to try! All of our Couture Tutorials are easy to follow and show step-by-step clear colour photographs and detailed instructions by Prudence to keep you on the right track and take you through the process needed to create stunning fabric and silk roses, amazing hair bands... the Couture Way. You do not need to acquire specialised tools or equipment, master any particular sewing technique or any other skills. In fact, our tutorials are made very simple, so anyone with basic sewing skill can do it. Promotional prices: currently more than 60% off - Share on social medias and get a further 10% off.