Living A Purpose-Filled Life with Miracle Pettenger

As a wife, mother, retired corporate professional, speaker, author, entrepreneur, and pastor, Dr. Miracle Pettenger inspires and motivates others to live their lives with purpose and on purpose while sharing her own personal stories of overcoming obstacles and personal development. Miracle shares the practical principles used to overcome the obstacles and challenges of life to develop a positive self-image, passion for fitness, earn a Doctorate's Degree, achieved a successful corporate career as an IT Professional for a Fortune 500 Company, and pursue her passion as an entrepreneur, author, and pastor. Miracle also teaches audiences how to identify and walk out their purpose through difficult seasons of life by sharing her experiences of the sudden death of her mother, prenatal sickness, the parental challenges of premature birth, infant open heart surgery, and becoming a two-time NICU mother. Her inspired mission is to help everyday people live productive and purpose-filled lives.