Scribbles by Raisie

Hi there! I'm a bit shy but also excited to share the news that I'm now live with Scribbles by Raisie. You all know me, I write in script and pursued my lifelong calling to actually be a (yep, scary I know) writer. Here's where I share my thoughts on writing instruments, writing inspiration, writing tips and more often than not, musings about the written life. Now who’s this chinky-eyed girl behind a pair of glasses? I started developing my writing skills when I was in university. Being a Literature student helped me explore different writing styles through theories, literary criticism, journalism and also philosophy. I was associate editor of the university newsmagazine, as well as editor of the literary folio. After university, I went on to become an associate editor of a local tri-media news firm. My experience included writing for a local news publication, being a scriptwriter for a local current affair and talk show program, as well as contributor to an online news platform. I then joined government service and started as a technical writer. Today, I write policies and complete project briefs and the occasional project proposal.