Hi, I’m Myriam :-)

I enjoy growing food, being close to nature and animals and sharing with people the benefits of a natural lifestyle.

My passion for food started while growing up with my mother’s loving and delicious Algerian/French cuisine. My love for food led me to an interest in the origin of ingredients where I found a deep and loving connection with nature and organic farming. During series of health issues, inner struggles, my mother’s pancreas cancer and loss, I started getting interested more closely in natural and holistic healing to find well-being again. And so far I have been thriving on the raw plant-based lifestyle like never before!

I now enjoy helping people by creating and sharing recipes to help them enjoy their own healthy journeys without the old belief that it means deprivation, restriction, boredom and effort. But quite the contrary, it means abundance, freedom, joy and ease.

It is exciting to create recipes and develop the raw vegan cuisine, the food of the future, the favourite meals for families, busy lifestyles and people wanting to heal and thrive, and to contribute in creating a healthier planet. You are going to eat so delicious and feeling so good that you will never feel like looking back at your old life.

Welcome to Raw Mama Nature :-)