Rebekka Lien

Name is Rebekka Lien. She was born in Hamburg, Germany, lived in Taiwan for four years, and has been in Los Angeles for 18 years and counting. She has traveled extensively around the world to Japan, Germany, Hong Kong, China, Australia, Austria, France, England, and America. She attended Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising for Fashion Design and Business Management. She is an Author, Artist, Musician (cellist and pianist), Dancer, World traveler, Realtor and third culture kid. She has a thirst for meeting new people, learning about cultures, and living life to the full through life experiences, the spiritual, and through people. Some people make a mistake of doing things to “make a living”. Without passion, you can never really live, you don’t make a living…your heart just dies slowly. It’s not skill, it’s passion. Passion is what people see, it’s the twinkle in your eyes, passion is what makes you stand out. So when you’re thinking about what to do in life, don’t think “what will make me money?” —you should think “what makes me come alive?” —-and when you just keep doing things that make you come alive—-then you’ll slowly build a legacy, live passionately and make money doing it.