Smart Recruiter Toolkit

Why 20% of Recruitment and Search firms have 80% of market share? The myth is, it’s all about hard work ( sure you have to work at it) but there are some fundamental strategies that many Recruitment Search firm owners have never been told about! If your Answer is yes to any of this question, then Smart Recruiter Toolkit is for you. 1. Do you need to grow your Recruitment Business? 2. Do you need to increases the productivity of recruiter? 3. Do you need to increases the productivity of BDM? 4. Do you need Training content to train Recruiter? 5. Do you need to be ahead of the Competitor in recruitment business? 6. Do you want your Client to call you first when they have business? 7. Do you want to attract more Clients? 8. Do you want to grow your revenue multiple times?