Michiel van Vliet

This book is intended to be helpful to companies that want to start to work with Microsoft but it can also be useful for existing partners that want to improve the outcomes of their business working with Microsoft. For existing partners it is important that we dive into how things where before just to put some of the changes into perspective. Our hope is that for the new partners this doesn´t become too complex or boring. One specific call out we would like to make is that this is not just a book for alliance or channel managers. If you want to be successful in a partnership, you cannot abdicate the strategy and the management of that partnership to the alliance person. It needs to be a top down and bottom up approach. This book is for CEO´s, CMO´s, Practice managers, CTO´s and partner roles. Everybody in your organization that has something to do with Microsoft can benefit from reading this book. One of the feedbacks we are expecting is that there is too much detail in this book. Why can´t Microsoft just assign me a single point of contact that can help me with my engagement? Interestingly enough Microsoft has just done away with that end to end single point of contact in their fiscal year 18 and it makes a lot of sense. If you want to be successful with Microsoft, you have to understand in detail the Microsoft strategy, organization, culture, roles, people, incentives, and scorecards. You have to understand the Microsoft way of doing things.