The Rehabilitated Fat Boy

In 2010, I made a promise to myself to lose 50 lbs. I watched my weight roller coaster for years, climbing to 365 lbs and I finally had enough. I lost 115 lbs. Unfortunately, after all the diets, gimmicks and short cuts, I forgot that I still had to learn how to feed myself. Losing the weight wasn’t the problem. Keeping it off was. I now understand that there is no "going back to eating normal" for me. Normal is what made me fat. Healthy is what will keep me fit. My dilemma is that, since childhood, I have always been a picky eater. That I can never change. What I can change is the content of the foods I love and make them as healthy as possible. My concept is simple: Eat what you want but make it yourself so you can control what is in it. This is how I feed myself.