Rexford Rich

Rexford Rich is an author of the books series: The Adventures of Mark Wills, Derek Delvin, Swift, Planet X, Justice, Sudden Supers, and Rebirth. Rexford Rich is merely a pen-name, his real identity is confidential. Rexford is also a software designer and developer. He is the creator of Random Power Generator. Rexford's books generally entail of people who experience extraordinary abilities or superpowers, depending on each book series, though. He'll either turn them into superheroes or just extraordinary people. He likes to write of adventure, action, & science fiction. Spread the word so that all can enjoy the thrill of reading Rich books! As well as being a book author, Rexford Rich is the creator of an app called Random Power Generator. It is an app/program that will randomly generate super abilities for whatever purpose you desire.