Rhiannon Fontana

Rhiannon Fontana is a 24 year old writer from Melbourne, Australia. A self-proclaimed melodramatic, obsessive writer, avid reader, ethical vegan, crazy cat lady, endometriosis/pcos sufferer who admits she possibly gets way too attached to TV shows and characters. She completed her debut novel "Oblivion" in late 2016 - after ten years of hoarding re-writes and forcebly moulding it from a glorified fanfiction and fantastic rip off into something actually resembling a novel in its own rights. "Oblivion" is a seven part Supernatural Fantasy/thriller told through the voice of reluctant protagonist Andy Martin. In her spare time Rhiannon is attempting to read the ASOIAF series. It's taken her two years but this is where you find out that she's an absolutely incredible procrastinator. She gets worked up over the downfall of The Vampire Diaries - RIP seasons 1-3. She's reread Harry Potter and The Sookie Stackhouse Series more times than she's willing to admit. The Woman Who Stole my Life by Marian Keyes changed her life and she wrote a eight page novel called Living in a Graveyard when she was seven years old that she wishes she could find it - she just really wanted me to mention that. Rhiannon lives at home with her mum, sister and younger brothers and they all annoy the hell out of each other. She's currently writing Oblivion Book Two "Beast" and "The Five Stages of Life" a fictional novel about life following trauma. She lives with Endometriosis and PCOS and hopes that you'll look them up after reading this. When she grows up Rhiannon would like to be Rapunzel or a Wizard (it sounds so much better than witch, doesn't it?) if all else fails she'll just be herself which she guesses would be alright.