Rick Melfi (Melfi's Law)

Creative- Freelancer- Father- Partner- Influencer- Game & Film/TV Enthusiast- Blogger- On A Mission I am a freelancer who has been writing part-time for many years, and has finally decided to make the push into full-time employment. I have written many scripts/screenplays, short stories, novels, children's books, reviews, product descriptions, resumes and much, much more. My key strengths lie in my creativity and mastery of the English language, to express my writing (and other projects) through various styles, be it serious, engaging, and/or humorous. I am an avid reader, viewer, and player of many books, films, shows, and video games so I excel at any creative projects regarding this area. Along with freelancing, I also own and operate a video game entertainment website and YouTube channel. I research, write, edit, and upload the articles on a frequent basis. If you would like some samples of my writing style and/or work, please don't hesitate to request a sample. I believe that with my dedication and commitment to high quality work, along with my very reasonable rates, you will find a freelancer you can utilise and depend on. I will endeavor to meet your expectations 100% of the time and guarantee that your time (and money) were well spent. Your friend, Rick Melfi