The Ringtones Boutique

PLEASE READ AND UNDERSTAND BEFORE BUYING - THANK YOU We are independent. We make and distribute our own ringtones, tones, loops for your smartphone only ! We propose our ringtones to the public in this shop where you can download music files made for smartphones. This shop contains the music of the following artist, musician, sound designer : busicrec, fonkart and ... You ? (contact us if interested). We propose diffrerent options and formula from free, to very cheap to expensive depending on numbers. the best for us is certainly the : "original" formula. Meaning the tone is only available for sale for one person, for sale once, one copy. Meaning the buyer is the only owner of the file. The owner is allowed by the licence to play the sound on his smartphone only. The file can not be distributed, resold, given or trade in any way. Please remember for your smartphone use only. All files for personal use licence only. Can not be resold. For commercial use, licence, project, collabs... please contact us. Thank you. Fonkart Paris 02/5/18