Rising Phoenix Press

Rising Phoenix Press is an independent publisher dedicated to modern social commentary and activism. Our team believes in the transformitive power of poetry. We believe poetry is a transcendent art that can be utilized to empower marginalized communities, create cultural sensitivity, and promote positive social change. The mission of our organization is to curate an inclusive platform that amplifies the voices of marginalized creators. Our goal is to openly encourage writers to explore the most important social and cultural issues of our era through poetry. We believe that sharing diverse narratives breaks barriers and heals our world. The poetry we publish is dedicated to empowering individuals who are oppressed, ignored, or considered invisible by popular culture. Above all, we strive to build a sacred space for poets to safely share their experiences and identities. Our style is best described by our motto, which is “We The People Shall Rise.” We seek to capture the gritty beauty of life and give it back to the people who need it the most. We actively embody our mission by publishing Rising Phoenix Review, a monthly webzine, in addition to poetry chapbooks.