I am an author, I write books and essays in sociology in Azerbaijani. I also translate a lot and pub

My name is Saadat Karimi, I'm a middle-aged woman who has lived in Sweden for 20 years and fell in love with its nature, culture, language and literature. For these areas I have always felt passion, since I have read and followed the literature in [Azerbaijani] Turkish, Russian and English since my childhood.
I was born and grown up in Azerbaijan, a country that is not so famous in Sweden, which Azerbaijani people cannot understand. After all, it is an ancient country in the middle of Eurasia with its amazing nature, its landscapes belonging to the 9 of the Earth's 11 climatic zones. A country with the culture that is a great synthesis of east and west of course thanks to its geographical location. A country that had strong relations with Sweden before the Soviet era.
 I have degree of PhD in Mathematics and experiences the teaching profession and the profession as a translator. In Sweden, I have worked as a university teacher and researcher, as a teacher in high school and developed myself as a teacher and educator.
The passion for language, culture and behavioral science led to the development of my knowledge in these areas in parallel with the professional activities. I studied the Swedish language and literature, took a master's degree in the subject Swedish as a second language at the University of Gothenburg, studied Russian, English, Pedagogy and Sociology at University of Umea and Högskolan Dalarna in Sweden. 
I am open to receive your critical ideas and comments. I am convinced that knowledge will save the world.