Sabrina Brawner: Personal Growth and Success Coach

Sabrina Brawner is a Certified Life Coach, speaker, author, writer, and entrepreneur, having run a successful storefront business for 6 years. While completing her bachelor’s degree at Georgia State University, Sabrina became inspired by the many young and successful professionals she encountered, and she decided to start her own entrepreneurship journey. She began as a part-time entrepreneur, working a full-time job during the day and growing her first business in clothing and jewelry off the clock. That experience, along with leadership positions within 2 respective marketing companies, gave Sabrina invaluable knowledge in the areas of executive administration, management, coaching, leadership, sales, and graphic design. A professionally trained writer, Sabrina co-authored and edited the compilation book Learn, Lead, and Leave a Legacy: Advancing Women in The Workplace. She also authored, edited, designed and illustrated Moments of Truth: A Journal and Guide for Going & Growing Through Tough Times. Sabrina’s writing and editing work have also been featured and published in U Sandy Springs, U Magazine, READY Publication, and her articles about emotional intelligence have been featured on Sabrina also frequently blogs on her own entrepreneurship based website, covering topics that help women become their best selves, step out of their comfort zones, create authentic businesses, and make a profit doing what they love. Sabrina is a sought-after public speaker and is active in serving the community through sponsorship and multiple philanthropic efforts including partnering with Diamond Tiara Girls Foundation to provide Christmas make-overs for homeless women, and prom make-overs to deserving high school girls. Sabrina calls Georgia home, and enjoys spending time with her husband and daughters, and writing poetry and songs in her spare time.