Saghatel Basil

Saghatel was born in Croatia to an Armenian father and a Syriac mother. He lived, studied and shifted residences alternatively between Aleppo, Beirut and Yerevan; which made him an avid explorer of cultures and a curious researcher about development and its challenges. These diversities contributed to his decision to study political science at Yerevan State University in Armenia. However, life too had its own surprises and it took away his sight. That made him savvy life in a different perspective and it paved the way towards deeper understanding of life, the nature of the human being and the various kinds of human struggles. Saghatel specialized in human growth and advancement, precisely in interactive training, cultural meetings, and building bridges. Saghatel has worked with Mobaderoon, the British Council, the Syrian Trust for Development, and many other organizations. He participated in several conferences, seminars and meetings. In 2005, he founded a center called "Art River" in Aleppo, that turned later into an important venue for cultural exchange and dialogue in the city. It served as a café-library, in addition to serving as a gallery and a theater as well. In 2003, Saghatel as a university student, was included in the annual " Active Citizen" honor list of the Prime Minister in Armenia, where he is currently residing. In 2016, he published his latest book “Citizen Masterpiece” which is inspired the events in Syria and its unending challenges.