ScienceStrength - Anastasia Zinchenko, PhD

Hey, I'm Anastasia Zinchenko! My mission is to support you in gaining strength and confidence, and shaping your body in a sustainable way with science. ScienceStrength stands for three 'S's: - Science: I use the newest research findings for training and designing nutrition plans to give you optimal results. - Strength: My goal is to help you grow your physical and mental strength to make you a stronger, happier and healthier person. - Sustainability: I believe that sustainability is the key to success. My aim is to give you sustainable results and make sustainable changes optimized to your individual life style. Who I am I am international level powerlifter, bodybuilder and badass scientist with a PhD in biochemistry from the University of Cambridge. I research sports nutrition and exercise science for Bayesian Bodybuilding, write as an expert for Men's Fitness Magazine and am passionate coach. I am vegan because I try to do the least harm possible; to myself, other people, the animals and the environment. I believe that everyone can contribute to making this world a better place and the best place to start is with oneself: "You must be the change you want to see in the world" - Mahatma Ghandhi