Scout E Harmon

Even as a young girl I was always conjuring up stories and filling them with colorful characters, sharing them with anyone and everyone who would listen. Since then, I’ve progressed quite a bit to formulating longer and more complex writing and sharing them with much larger audiences. As an author, I’m adept at using my imaginative thinking and creative flair to bring my writing to life in engaging and entertaining ways.  I write mostly about self improvement topics, love and romance. I love writing, my family, my friends, and making new friends. I am a Boston sports fan for life. I have many opinions on a variety of different subjects, but I mostly keep them to myself. I respect other people's opinions. PTSD, Anxiety, and Depression disorders are very dear to me and I am very supportive of people suffering from them. Besides what's been mentioned already, I enjoy spending time outside, decorating my home, reading, catching up on tv shows on Netflix, and a bunch of other things.