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Selling beats online can be a great way for budding rap musicians to make some extra money - and setting up an online store with Payhip is quick and easy.

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No matter how your customers want to pay, we've got you covered. Customers can purchase via PayPal or from all major cards - we can make it happen. Take payments from a wide array of international currencies.

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Payhip automatically deals with all the nitty gritty from end-to-end so that you can focus on doing what you love.

  • Upload any type of file (MP3, WAV etc)
  • Customers can complete their purchase in seconds
  • Customers are automatically sent to their download page
  • You get paid instantly to your Paypal or Stripe account

How to sell beats online in 4 simple steps

  1. Record your beats
  2. Create your online store on Payhip
  3. Set up your beats product listings
  4. Promote and drive traffic to your beats online store

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Payhip is fantastic. The interface is simple, the integration easy and the customer service has been top notch. I'm really glad I chose Payhip and will continue to do so in the future.

Stephen Follows
Film industry data researcher

I absolutely love Payhip, it's such a user-friendly platform that literally anyone can use. Having launched my first ever eBook with Payhip, everything has gone by a breeze, I couldn't be happier with how easy it is.

Cherie Tu
Vegan lifestyle advocate

We needed a company that handled VAT of the eBooks we sell. After a little research, we found Payhip to be the best fit. We're now using Payhip. We love the way they handle VAT and are easy to work with!

Alberto & Iosune
Vegan recipes bloggers

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Supercharge your beats sales

Powerful marketing features that you need to grow your business

Affiliate system

Harness the power of affiliates, recruit friends and colleagues and reward them when they make a sale.

Offer coupons

Run promotional campaigns with flexible coupons. Limit their use, add expiration dates and much more.

Pay-what-you-want pricing

Empower your customers by giving them the freedom to name their price. You can set a minimum.

Embed checkout & shopping cart

Drop the checkout and cart directly into your website for a seamless purchase and download.

Social discounts

Fuel your sales growth by tapping into social media, give discounts to customers who tweet and like.

Update customers

Keep in touch with your customers by notifying them of new products and offers with our email updates.

Mailing lists

Sync your customers directly to your mailing lists on MailChimp, CampaignMonitor and many more.

Design freedom

Customise all parts of your checkout to fit your branding and make customers feel at home.

Safe and secure

Robust features that help protect your beats and keep your business thriving

  • Limit downloads Closely guard the number of download attempts, by default customers can only download each file 3 times.
  • PDF Stamping We can stamp the buyers purchase details on every page of your PDF to discourage customers from illegally sharing.
  • Secure Checkout We are PCI-DSS-ready. Customers payment information is handled by our trusted payment partners.

Frequently asked questions

Useful things to know from our helpful customer support team

When do I get paid?

We will deposit your sales to you immediately after a transaction has been completed. All payments are sent to your connected PayPal or Stripe account.

What file formats do you support?

We support ALL file formats. You can upload any file type with any extension to Payhip.

Can I cancel my account at anytime

Absolutely, you'll be able to cancel your account whenever you'd like if you decide we're not for you.

What are beats?

The term “beats” can mean several different things in music, but in rap music, “beats” are the instrumental tracks - the song minus the vocal track. They can also be referred to as “musical compositions”. Many rap musicians (or “producers”) write beats, without a vocal track, and then look for an artist to sell those beats to.

Is selling beats online profitable?

Selling beats online can definitely be profitable - especially if you already have all the recording equipment you need. If you enjoy creating beats, selling them online can help support your hobby or could even become a new career. When you use Payhip, you won't have overheads to worry about. You get a free account and a free online store: you just pay a small 5% transaction fee on each sale.

Can I sell beats on Payhip?

Yes, you can easily sell beats on Payhip. With Payhip, you can use any file format, so you can use whatever type of audio file you like. Ideally, you'll want to use a high-quality, uncompressed format such as .wav. There's a limit of 5GB per file, but that should be more than enough for even large .wav files. You could also supply your beat in .mp3 format and other formats.

Is there a storage limit?

No, we have no storage or bandwidth limits. We only have a 5GB per file limit. If you really need more than 5GB per file, then get in touch.

Do you offer charity discounts

For sure, we love to support great causes of all kinds so please get in touch with us.

How can I contact you

Just shoot us an email at or reach out to us on Twitter. We'd love to chat!

How can I sell beats?

You can sell beats through Payhip, by creating a digital product, uploading your beats file, and setting your price. Your product can then be sold through Payhip itself - you'll have a dedicated online store - or through your own website. The hardest part is marketing your beat: you might want to share a sample or even a few free beats with any rapper communities that you belong to.

How much can a beat sell for?

Beats can sell for almost anything, with non-exclusive beats often selling for around $25 - $35. If you create exclusive beats (ones that you only sell once) then you could charge lots more, potentially hundreds or even thousands of dollars. When you're deciding how to price your beats, take a look at similar compositions by other producers and see what they're charging.

How do I find artists to sell beats to?

If you want to sell beats to individual artists, it can take time to build up your creative network. A good place to begin is with any online rap and hip-hop groups you belong to. Show an interest in artists' work, and try to build up a relationship. Then, when you share a sample of your latest beat, you'll have a group of people who already know you and like you - and they'll be much more willing to buy from you.

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