Sensational Desires 51

Hi, and welcome to SensationalDesires51

I am so pleased with my growth in the last year. From travesty to destiny we are growing in leaps and bounds.

A little about how SensationalDesires51 came about. We were in another industry, which we plan to implement into this journey, however it takes time to build a dream and make it happen. From that dream the journey was given by sheer FAITH!!!!! While sitting and listening to Pastor speak on what the words CAN vs.CAN'T mean, he stated;  "What CAN'T I do? Inside the word CAN'T is CAN. What CAN't you do?"

If we CAN give large amounts of time to someone else to get paid, why not give that time to ourselves? 
Today, our goal is to give what those who CAN'T normally afford what they NEED the opportunity to do just that. Our mission is too provide quality products at any affordable rate. The prices set are not negotiable they are as is.  

We would like to express that many of the sneakers/tennis shoes are what they called "UNATHOURIZED AUTHENTIC"  which means they are made within the same warehouse as the original creator, but due to production the item can not complete it's process. EX: Let's use Nike. A customer wants to have made 15,000 shoes. The warehouse makes a of 13K and the customer decides they only wish to purchase 10k. The extra 5k shoes that were in production are no longer needed. Instead of destroying the merchandise, the offer it to merchants, therefore allowing the reseller to obtain them for sale. Which allows you the conusmer to obtain that same item for a discounted price. This is why we state ALL SALES ARE FINAL!!!!!

We have a lot of things up and coming, and we need you to help to get there. If you have something in mind and you would like to know if we carry it, simply contact us and we'll do our best to obtain what your looking for.

Again, we Thank You for shopping with us here at SensationalDesires51...A SheShed Dreams of Dreams!