Serene Kwan

Serene Kwan majored in English Language and Political Science during her university days in Singapore. Her favourite reads are light-hearted, romance novels written by Sophie Kinsella and Cecilia Ahern. She also enjoyed reading the Sweet Dreams series and Francine Pascal's stories revolving around the twins - Jessica Wakefield and Elizabeth Wakefield. Her other interest includes poring over the short stories written by Minfong Ho who offers a deeper insight into the lives of the poor people living in the Third World countries. These stories provided the impetus and motivation for her to write, simply because she aspires to unleash the creative side of her. Simultaneously, she hopes to revive the classic, fairy-tale notions of romance which most people used to possess during their days of growing up, and blend it with some realistic experiences of love to compose a variety of new adult books. Her quote is : "Books are our source of life and inspiration. With them, we can view the brighter side of life, and renew our faith, in spite of the challenges prevailing in reality."