Cross Worlds Nexus Publication

An Herbal Specialist and Storytelling Professional, Shane Ronzio's webcomic
Cross Worlds Nexus has been continuously updating since 2007
with the adventures of his Technologically Advanced Future Warriors that
battle Evil across Time and Space.
  He Has over fifty comic books and graphic novels published online and
 appearing in print and across multiple platforms, often out lasting the websites
they are published on. Shane's books have been available to purchase at
multiple comic book convention venues all across North America and has
 done signings at Barnes & Noble and many other various shopping outlets.
Shane Ronzio has traveled extensively to become a specialist
 at what he does. From the furthest reaches of China to the lost
ruins deep in the jungles of Central America to multiple islands across
 the oceans of the world. Shane’s studies in the City of Lights, Paris, France,
 to the ancient cities of Rome and Venice, Italy, Zurich, Bern and high
 into the Jungfrau region of Switzerland and all across the Great United States,
 have allowed him to gain a unique perspective that has greatly influenced his works.
 In addition to developing properties for comics, he has also cultivated a film career
that has spanned multiple Indie film projects, Cartoons and is currently developing
 his Web series...Cross Worlds Nexus Adventures.
 For literary and multimedia inquiries contact Shane Ronzio