Shannon Dianne

I wish everyone could see the story playing inside of my head (I swear, you'd really love it). So, I try my best to write it down and hope you don't think I'm too dramatic ... or nuts. When it comes to writing, I love it when someone 'gets' it and I'm always a bit sad when someone doesn't. (It's me, not you) I hope to keep all of my readers happy and absolutely hate when someone breaks up with me. (I promise, I'll change) But in the end, I wish I could write something that everyone loves or, at the very least, lusts after. Yet, when it comes down to it, I have to stay true to the story in my head and that story has this super strong woman who's just waiting to fall head over heels for the right guy who has a big personality, bravado and ... uh ... well you fill in the blank. I write dark. I write 'angsty' ... or at least that's what I've convinced myself. And sometimes, well, the guy may not always get the girl ... the first time around ... and I absolutely LOVE that. Make. Him. Work.