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The Wild Boar Problem: Practical Solutions for Protecting Gardens and Farms


Αγριόχοιροι στις πόλεις (PDF Ebook)


Οχιές / Vipers (A3 Poster)


Webinar: Γνωρίστε τον θαυμάσιο κόσμο των γυμνοβραγχίων και πως να τα φωτογραφίζετε


Μάθετε για τον άγνωστο κόσμο των καρχαριών.


Οι πασχαλίτσες της Ελλάδας


Τι πρέπει να κάνουμε έτσι και εντοπίσουμε ένα εκβρασμένο δελφίνι;


Echinoderms of Greece (ebook-epub)


Sharks in Greece


Cooking recipes for bachelors


About Me

Hello there, 

I have finished technical high school for Computers and networks, i have finished college as Printing Technician - Lithography and recently i have got my associate's college degrees on Marine Biology (2017 class) and Conservation Biology (2019 class).

With one friend we started an NGO in 2011, which name is Hellenic Biodiversity Center (aka BiodiversityGR) and its main role is to observe and record biodiversity in Greece with citizen science.

I am volunteer since 2009 and i have participated in many projects and i have been a volunteer in many NGO's for wildlife protection and conservation.