Shawnté L. Jarvis

Shawnté is always thinking of her next creative move! She enjoys trying her hand at new things. During her teenage years, Shawnté would often write short stories while sitting in class and then secretly pass the stories around to her friends for them to read. She never envisioned herself as an aspiring author, so to speak, it was just something she found to be fun and a good way to pass time. Shawnte's two novels, Let's Be In Love and Her Mistress, are examples of her creative works. She wrote those stories using imagination and inspiration. Additionally, she created a Book Trailer for Her Mistress using her basic computer skills on applications such as iMove and Garage Band. Although Shawnté has dedicated a substantial amount of time writing Her Mistress, to her it felt like riding a bike. Shawnté is down to earth, easy going, and innovative. Only time will tell what she decides to tackle next.